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Humble (or Realistic) Ambitions

Daddy had a conversation with me the other day.......

Daddy : Do you like to sing and dance?
Me : Yes
Daddy : Do you want to be a singer when you grow up?
Me : But I'm not a great singer. I just want to be a construction worker.
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Random memories

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My hobby

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I'm all grown up


It's been quite a while.

These past months have been exciting! We moved to Singapore where my dad is posted for 2 years. I started going to school (Montessori for Children) in February. Then arrived my mei mei - Sophia in April. Now we are just soaking in city life and enjoying the company of another family member.

I have grown up, says mom. I am no longer the sticky shy boy from the kampung. I am now able to make my own bed, wear my own clothes, wear my own shoes and have started drinking milk from a cup! I have my own bedroom now - a cool queen sized bed where I can spin and move in my sleep freely (but I still need to hold hands with my co-sleeper for the night :0). I have many new friends (and enemies) and can speak a smattering of mandarin. Ni Hao!

Best of all, my swanky new place has a swimming pool where I can frolick all day, if only mom lets me. I get to ride trains and buses too, though I no longer insist on looking back and waving at the departing train (that's so history).

I have also graduated from Barney, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder and The Wiggles, to new shows bigger boys watch. I like Cars, Power Rangers, Ben 10, Combo Ninos, Super Robot Monkey. I am still an ardent collector of toys and stickers.

My new pastime is playing pc games - Dora the Explorer, Spongebob, Supercow, Dragonstone and Garden Defense.

But deep down inside, you still cannot take the kampung away from the boy. I miss going to Jusco, Tesco and Giant, eating Ngah Satay and char siew pao. I do think about my home in Taman Sentosa sometimes. Singapore is just not the same without my helicopter and army truck which I left behind. Not to mention, going up and down the stairs to my room. The toilets in spore are so tiny. How to wash bottoms after passing motion?

Well, life must go on. I walk a lot when I go out. Needless to say, I miss our cars. But that is a minor setback compared to living in a place where there are more toys and better beaches!

I now leave you with pictures (at the next post) of the many moments I now call singapore home.
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The Little Traffic Advisor

Overheard this morning in the car...

Josh : Aiyo, not so fast daddy! Be careful hah? Be careful... wait accident how? Then nobody will come and help you. Only Lofty and the tow truck can help you.
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Beggars Can't be Choosers

Me : Mummy, I want to marry you…

Mummy : Ok. Did you buy me a ring?

Me : No…

Mummy : If you want marry a girl, you need to give her a ring.

Me : I put a rubber band around your finger la…

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Tanglung Festival

During the recent lantern festival, I had great fun with Ooi Jia Wen, my new found friend. Unfortunately, her lil' brother was too distracted by other things to join us. We did the customary neighbourhood tour and were enchanted by the white "pop pop firecrackers" that we threw on the floor (I really need those for the next CNY).

I went home with a Mickey Mouse lantern and jet-black feet!
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A Trip to the Doctor's

Doctor : Hello Joshua, how are you?
Josh : (ignoring her, making his way to his chair while eyeing the teletubbies on the desk).
Doctor : So what's the matter?
Josh : (automatically reaching out for the toys).
Doctor : Ok, breathe in and out...
Josh : (continue ignoring).
Doctor : Joshua, breathe in and out....
Josh : *Pant, pant, pant*.
Mummy : Not like that, breathe in (inhaling), breathe out (exhaling).
Josh : *Pant, pant, pant* (raising and lowering chest in serious exaggeration).
Doctor : You must remember to drink plenty of water ok? Joshua, will you drink more water when you go home?
Josh : (hurrying out the door) No.
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Random pictures of me, me, me!


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